Saturday, 29 May 2010

Practice questions for "Spectatorship: Popular Film and Emotional Response

Robert , Shaun and Doug and anyone else who might find this post helpful.
These are questions are from Dave's Paper. It is worth 35 marks. ( The Single Film: Close Critical Study ( Fight Club ) is worth 30 marks. )

In the old exam this paper was known as "Shocking Cinema". But YOU need to be aware that THE RANGE of spectator's emotional responses will be WIDER than that.

1.  Explore possible reasons to explain why a second or third viewing of a film can actually increase the emotional response rather than lessen it.

2.  How far is the emotional response to mainstream films triggered by specific techniques used by filmmakers?

To answer either of these questions you will need to have:
  • an understanding of how cinema produces a range of emotional responses in the spectator, using both macro and micro features.
  • an appreciation (knowledge) of how spectators seek a range of different experiences when watching films, including experiences that may challenge and disturb.
  • an appreciation ( knowledge) of cinematic contexts - including the significance of audience viewing situations, fandom and 'cultism' - in contributing to spectator response.
Remember to analyse each questions' key words and phrases first and make a brief plan.
(As we did in class, perhaps even using a dividing line with several arguments on each side.)

Use words and phrases from the question in your essay's introduction to show how you intend to shape your argument.

Write clear, introductory sentences for each point or argument in your essay.  (Topic Sentences). 
The rest of your paragraph(s) should then fill out your point with examples and argumentative comment on your examples.

Refer to those words regularly in your essay to show the relevance of your points and argument(s).

Come into College if you need to discuss your practice essays or need to marked.

Good luck for each of the three Papers: Patty's Dave's and mine.