Saturday, 9 February 2008

Film Music -The Cinematic Sound Radio Show On-Demand

Here is an excellent site for film music: The Cinematic Sound Radio Show On- Demand. Erik Woods' eleven year-old website offers intelligent commentary and he selects interesting and aesthetically pleasing tracks for his podcasts. The sound quality is excellent but you will need Real Player. See the new link for finding this site below and on the Film Music links on the right of this blog.

"The Return Of The King: The Complete Recordings" from November is particularly good.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

From Russia With Love - Early James Bond Film Posters

Most of the action-adventure conventions for the James Bond franchise were established in this film. Here are a few of the film's film posters that would be worth studying for representation. (See also previous posts on film posters on how to analyse a film poster.)
For detailed information on "From Russia With Love" and other Bond films visit this site:

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Audiences as Fans and Consumers -FS2 - Task 3

Audiences as Fans and Consumers

Task 3

The nature of the cinema experience – is it high or low brow?

Write notes on a single side of A-4 or keep typed notes so you can discuss your points and ideas in class. These notes will also help you to write timed essays at the end of each month.

What do the terms “high brow” and “low brow” mean?

Would you say that in your experience going to the cinema is a “high brow” or “low brow” pastime?

What type or class of people do you believe go to the cinema? Does this vary according to the film, and/or depending on the particular cinema in question?
(This task has been adapted from "AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction")

Audiences as Fans and Consumers - FS2 - Task 2

Audiences as Fans and Consumers

Task 2
The nature of the cinema experience – your own cinema-going patterns

Write brief notes so you can refer to them in a class discussion and for 600 word essays later on.

Think about your own cinema-going patterns.

Do you ever go on your own?

Do you tend to go with the same people to the same sorts of films?

How does the experience differ depending on whether you are on our own or with particular friends?

How do you decide what you are going to see and who you are going to go with?

Do you simply go to watch the film at a set time or do combine this with some other activity (or activities) such as shopping or eating out?

When did you first go to the cinema? What did you go to see? Who took you? What do you remember about the experience (not just the film but the event of going to the cinema as a whole)?
(This task was adapted from "AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction".)

Audiences as Fans and Consumers - FS2 - Task 1

Audiences as Fans and Consumers

The nature of the cinema experience – the kinds of entertainment people gathered to experience in the past and how cinema is similar and different from earlier forms of entertainment.

Task 1

Questions for research and personal experience (Use the internet by typing key words and phrases in GOOGLE) Write your notes on a single-sided sheet for discussion and for writing timed pieces later on.

What kinds of entertainment did audiences gather to see in the past? What was the nature of the audiences’ experiences from other types of entertainment? (Who, what, why, when and how?) (Who, what, why, when and how?) Find out about a how crowds experienced narratives and stories in magic lantern shows, early theatre, ampitheatres, early music hall, etc.

Why have storytelling and performance always seemed to be important during such gatherings?

What doe audiences gain from listening to stories and watching performance?

How did society or the community benefit from allowing the activities to take place?

Why should communities gather to see films and how are their experiences different from the experiences of audiences from previous forms of entertainment?
(This task was adapted from "AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction".)