Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Audiences as Fans and Consumers - FS2 - Task 2

Audiences as Fans and Consumers

Task 2
The nature of the cinema experience – your own cinema-going patterns

Write brief notes so you can refer to them in a class discussion and for 600 word essays later on.

Think about your own cinema-going patterns.

Do you ever go on your own?

Do you tend to go with the same people to the same sorts of films?

How does the experience differ depending on whether you are on our own or with particular friends?

How do you decide what you are going to see and who you are going to go with?

Do you simply go to watch the film at a set time or do combine this with some other activity (or activities) such as shopping or eating out?

When did you first go to the cinema? What did you go to see? Who took you? What do you remember about the experience (not just the film but the event of going to the cinema as a whole)?
(This task was adapted from "AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction".)

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