Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Audiences as Fans and Consumers - FS2 - Task 1

Audiences as Fans and Consumers

The nature of the cinema experience – the kinds of entertainment people gathered to experience in the past and how cinema is similar and different from earlier forms of entertainment.

Task 1

Questions for research and personal experience (Use the internet by typing key words and phrases in GOOGLE) Write your notes on a single-sided sheet for discussion and for writing timed pieces later on.

What kinds of entertainment did audiences gather to see in the past? What was the nature of the audiences’ experiences from other types of entertainment? (Who, what, why, when and how?) (Who, what, why, when and how?) Find out about a how crowds experienced narratives and stories in magic lantern shows, early theatre, ampitheatres, early music hall, etc.

Why have storytelling and performance always seemed to be important during such gatherings?

What doe audiences gain from listening to stories and watching performance?

How did society or the community benefit from allowing the activities to take place?

Why should communities gather to see films and how are their experiences different from the experiences of audiences from previous forms of entertainment?
(This task was adapted from "AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction".)

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