Thursday, 22 November 2007

Possible war film choices for micro or macro coursework essays

"The Green Berets" (1968): John Wayne and David Jansen. The US military obviously had a hand in this one! It's a great clip for ideology.

"Apocalypse Now" (1979) The Ride of the Valkyries. Robert Duvall rides in with his US cavalry to raid a Vietnamese village.

More from the same scene

The Tomahawk scene fight scene from "The Patriot". Mel Gibson and his young sons fight to save an older son being brought to a place of execution by the British. Gibson shocks his sons with the extent of his violence.

The take offs from "A Bridge Too Far" (1977)

The opening sequence to the "Battle of Britain" (1969)

The climax scene from the "Battle of Britain" (1969)

The Roman army arrives in "Spartacus" (1960)

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