Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Macro Checklist

A macro reading is:

· A commentary on a longer film extract than the micro reading (about 10

· Focused on the extrinsic meanings in an extract

· An explanation of an extract which has a verifiable function (it tends to
pick up or prepare for information outside the extract)

· An explanation of how meanings particular to generic character or story
are informed by expectations

· Aware of the choices made by the director

· Always has a focused title (on broad themes)

· Always aware of the title in its commentary

· Structured by the chronology of the extract

· Clear about how the spectator interacts with the unfolding of the extract
by drawing on knowledge beyond the extract itself

· Explanatory about meanings the spectator brings to the extract (rather
than knowledge taken from the extract - ie of genre)

· Mindful of sound, editing, camera movement, performance - explaining
how these reference preconceived meanings

· Exact about giving the word length

· Clear and concise

· Always ready to explain in detail how meanings are generated or closed
down as the extract progresses, shot by shot.

(Source unknown)

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