Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Hollywood's strong women - the representation of femininity in the early 1940s

Stars and women and film in the early to mid 1940s.

These were among the greatest roles by Hollywood's most powerful actresses of the 1940s:

"Now, Voyager"- Bette Davis in 1942 (See the image above)

"Double Indemnity" - Barbara Stanwyck 1944

"Mildred Pierce" - Joan Crawford 1945

These great actresses characterised a male view of women in the early to mid 1940s.

What was Hollywood openly and covertly stating in its representation of these female roles in this era?

In a comparative manner how are men represented in these films?

How did the context of the war affect the representation of femininity and masculinity in these films?

These are just a few starter questions for what could be a study on the representation of strong women played by actresses at their peak across these great films. Depending on how it is focussed this study could either fit the genre, stars/performers category or the social, historical and political category of FS4.

This is it for FS4 and for other areas of film this summer as I'm away for a few weeks in Turkey and Scotland. There may be the odd post or two over the next few weeks - if I get bored!

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