Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Construction and Meaning of Stardom

The construction of stardom
Find several images of a film star to help with some of the questions below. This link should prove useful.
Consider the various ways in which stars are represented in different media settings for age, class, sex and gender. Consider the messages and meanings that audiences would be expected to get from these images.

Key questions to think about and brainstorm

What does it mean to be a film star?

How do star images create meaning in films for film audiences? (In the US and UK?)
Can we distinguish between different types of stardom?

How does film stardom relate to a more general celebrity culture?

How is stardom in its various guises connected socially to the world of economics, politics, technology or culture?

Anyone interested in developing their understanding of this topic  should read Sofia Johansson's editorial from Westminster University. She gives an overview of the work of academics going back four decades and their varying perspective on stardom and celebrity culture.

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