Tuesday, 6 May 2008

FS2 Exam Technique

Work from the particular (detail) to the general (an overview/overarching argument).
Show academic caution ('possibly' – 'probably')

Students who do best at this paper do the following:

- they give a balanced, direct engagement with the stimulus (the questions and their associated resources)

- they introduce examples from their case studies

- they try to frame their answers within a broader perspective on producers (institutions) and audiences

-they are also able to show comparative distinctions in your arguments

-they onsider questions from a broader perspective by making a brief plan to expand your thinking.

Here's a sample FS2 exam question from 2006
How important are film reviews in determining whether or not people choose to see a film?

To answer this question:
analyse what the question is asking you. Think about its key words and the phrase "how important". That will enable you to give an answer that allows you to weight up the significance of film reviews and consider other things that entice audiences to see films. Some reviewers have more status in some audiences' minds than others. The same goes for magazines, etc.

Other reasons for audiences "choosing" to see films include:
  • the film may be part of a franchise and thus have its own in-built fanbase
  • the director may be the film's selling point
  • the stars that are in the film may appeal to fans
  • some audiences prefer films with no stars
  • word of mouth is always important for influencing audiences to see a film
  • there may be a fad or trend to see the film within an age-group given the publicity it has garnered.
  • parts of reviews may have become part of the film posters and convinced sections of audiences to see it.
  • etc.
Remember to back up your points with solid examples mostly drawn from your case study and from your own knowledge.

Examiners are under instructions to reward what is in your answer as opposed to what is not there. Convincing answers that are not mentioned in the bullet points above will also be rewarded.

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