Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Topics to cover for the FS2 exam

FS2 Producers and Audiences: Hollywood and British Cinema
Main study areas and topic within each area to study for the exam. You may not be able to cover them all – but we can cover a range of topics within each area. Add examples where possible to your case study.

Films as products
The global and local dimensions of film
Film Studios
Films as commercial products
Adaptability of the film industry
Filmmaking: the process
Film production, distribution and exhibition
You will need an overview and examples exam questions
Useful websites:

Audiences as fans and consumers
The early cinema experience ( nice to know but unlikely to come up)
Changing patterns of consumption including multi-screen cinemas and home cinema ( a favourite topic in the exam)
the role of the audience in the filmmaking process
Censorship and classification
Fan power
Industry power
Examine a range of example exam questions (see a previous post for examples of these)
Useful websites for further research: (The British Board of Film Classification) or
(Websites such as the last four above give a powerful sense of the global reach of such corporations and the immediate visual impression of the range of interlocking media owned by each of them.) (up-to-date information on who own what in the media entertainments industry.)

Stars – what are they and why do we have them?
Your experience of stars
Stars – the concept of being "a star" and whether stars have international stardom or localised stardom within Britain. (Does it matter for the British film industry whether a British star is also an international star and a bigt name in the US?)
How do stars' private lives tie-in with their screen personas (how their publicity agents project them and how their roles are influenced by their lives offscreen.

Examine a range of example exam questions
Useful websites:

Hollywood back in the day and Hollywood today – Old Hollywood and New Hollywood
Old Hollywood and New Hollywood. How does Hollywood today compare with the Hollywood of the 1940s-50s?
Actors, directors and agents
Production: an overview
Distribution in Old Hollywood and New Hollywood

Examine a range of example exam questions
Useful website:

Is the British film industry in any way distinctive and different?
How does it cope with having to survive in the shadow of Hollywood?
A distinctive and different cinema
Surviving in the shadows
Useful websites:

New technologies in the film industry
Film and technology
Film and changes in technology (think about the representation of reality (see a previous video) and changes in how films are distributed today and will be in future.)

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